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Agriculture Drone



A disruptive AgTech company was breaking up the industry in a big way, but wasn't getting the visibility or credibility it needed to achieve its business goals. The visibility it wanted wasn't easy because there were a few major audiences: producers, investors, the media, and consumers. 



We started at the root: the challenges the industry faced and why this company came to be. We developed clear messaging on the unique value propositions, all supporting the Company's Purpose, with specific relevance for each audience. We incorporated these messages across business units so they would be a part of every brand interaction. We created resources to support this messaging, including toolkits and experts guides. We then amplified that messaging: we created partnerships that drew attention, stirred up press for launches and human interest pieces, and shared it across the employee intranet in four countries. 



Leadership shared that there was a renewed sense of clarity and purpose by having distinct, yet cohesive messaging. It was easier to speak to investors and explain the benefits of the company.

Media presence grew over 400% in one year, with some major pieces that customers cited at events. The indivuduals in the Experts Guide were receiving outreach like never before.

Employee engagement increased, field and sales teams shared that the toolkits and distinctive messaging made a huge difference in how they approached their conversations. 

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