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Supermarket Aisle



An early-stage food science company was trying to make waves in the CPG industry. But their story wasn't making traction with potential clients. During the Discovery process, employees said they didn't believe in the Company's mission because they didn't feel it in meetings or at the office. 



We first took all of the information available to us and did a deep analysis on what language was being used, the feedback (or lack of) the Company received, and identified the gaps and opportunities. We did competitor analysis and held a mini brand workshop. We interviewed employees and investigated the employee experience from hire to anniversaries. 



We ended this consultative project with a suite of recommendations, including some hard questions the business needed to ask itself about what it could truly deliver on. We provided different options on how to strengthen the brand story based on the answers to these questions, and also provided multiple scenarios of ways the Company could prove its Purpose in business decisions and every day employee interactions. 

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