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Kale Farm



A $2B sustainability business was facing the issue of, "having so much information, we don't know what to do with it." Data, reports, testimonials, and expert knowledge were swimming around in a content pool and they were overwhelmed. They needed to organize it, frame it, and amplify it. 



Our Discovery process began digging into the results this business was seeking: what do you want people to do with this information? The strategic communications plan that was the main deliverable caused leadership to more clearly define their brand identity. We provided a framework for communication based on the business's values, goals, available channels and identified opportunities for new channels and ways of communication. 



The CEO of the business said the strategic communications plan would become the "Playbook" for the year, and every year moving forward. There was a clear plan in place of what would be communicated, when, and how, along with what should happen and who was measuring it. The framework was a tangible working document that made it easy to collaborate and for newcomers to understand the flow of logic.  We worked closely with business unit experts and the head of content to make recommendations of the flow of content, opportunities for leadership, and potential areas for engagement. 

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