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Every single person in the world participates in the food system.


It’s almost impossible to understand how far reaching and widely impactful our food system truly is. A food chain involves biologists, geneticists, chemists, growers, transporters, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. The complexities of a global food supply have, unintentionally, led to significant gaps in our understanding of the food system as a whole, and how each choice we make impacts it.


It is incredibly challenging to frame news in the context of another industry, like how making farmers more profitable in one country will benefit consumers across the world. And often, the barrier simply lies in not having the time or resources to effectively communicate, such as who and how ingredients are sourced. With the recognition that there is a desperate need for contextualization and simplification, At The Table was born. 


Boldly revolutionizing the way the world thinks about and interacts with their food by bridging the information gap between how we grow it and how it gets to our plates.  

Communications for Food Systems Organizations

At The Table partners with purpose-led companies in the food space to create more captivating and engaging narratives
at every touchpoint.

We bring to the table a technical subject matter expertise in agricultural science, behavioral economics, systems thinking, and nutrition science. Paired with nearly 15 years of marketing and communications experience, we're uniquely positioned to contextualize stories about food into broadly meaningful, approachable, and authentic narratives.


Founder + Principal


Jordyn Gottlieb, MS, is a storytelling and creative communications enthusiast who finds nothing more enjoyable than forming organization from chaos and ambiguity. For nearly 15 years, Jordyn has worked on some of the world's largest and most notable brands as well as small startups. She's represented companies across the food system, from food labs to nonprofits to consumer-facing brands. 

With an obsession for food and human behavior, she obtained a Master's of Science in Agriculture, Food & the Environment with a specialty in Food System Transformations from Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Food Policy. She brings to the table a subject matter expertise in nutrition and agricultural sciences and policy, behavioral economics, and public health. She's published several academic papers, co-authored a public health textbook chapter and has been a writer for a prominent gut microbiome company for years. Jordyn received a BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University. 

When she's not cooking or eating, Jordyn can be found gardening, skiing, mountain biking, practicing yoga, reading, or boxing, most often with her dog Django by her side. 


is to create meaningful connections to food 

What we eat is more than just what's on our plates. It’s how and why we make our food choices and the consequences of those decisions on a global and generational scale.

Research shows that greater awareness of where food comes from leads to healthier decision-making, for both human and planetary health. But navigating the complex intersection of storytelling, consumer psychology, agricultural science, food economics, and nutrition can be overwhelming. We share the stories behind what's on the table.

With a fervor for organizing chaos, we distill your narrative into an authentic and approachable story. We contextualize, amplify, measure, repeat. 

Farmers in Barn
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