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A passion for food from farm to finish.

We tell your story in the way it should be heard.

Communications for Food Systems Organizations

At The Table partners with purpose-led companies in the food space to create more captivating and engaging narratives
at every touchpoint.

We bring to the table a technical subject matter expertise in agricultural science, behavioral economics, systems thinking, and nutrition science. Paired with nearly 15 years of marketing and communications experience, we're uniquely positioned to contextualize stories about food into broadly meaningful, approachable, and authentic narratives.


is to create meaningful connections to food 

What we eat is more than just what's on our plates. It’s how and why we make our food choices and the consequences of those decisions on a global and generational scale.

Research shows that greater awareness of where food comes from leads to healthier decision-making, for both human and planetary health. But navigating the complex intersection of storytelling, consumer psychology, agricultural science, food economics, and nutrition can be overwhelming. We share the stories behind what's on the table.

With a fervor for organizing chaos, we distill your narrative into an authentic and approachable story. We contextualize, amplify, measure, repeat. 

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A great product has a passionate story behind it.  At The Table helps explain that story - your Purpose.


Why Does Purpose Matter?

The days of humility are over. It’s not enough to have a Purpose - it also needs to be shared. Why? Because the absence of communication results in inaction, a costly and damaging mistake. Are you leaving equity on the table? 


Your purpose is the reason for being. It defines an organization’s unique role and value in society that allows it to both grow the business and positively impact the world. A clear Purpose becomes the filter for decision making: how to behave and the issues to advance. Every company should not just ask themselves why they exist, but also ask: how strong is that Purpose?


Position for industry leadership

Magnify your expertise and value

Engage stakeholder

Influencer strategy

Impact assessment

Annual reports

A range of creative expertise to tell your story more powerfully



Contextualize + frame your message

Discover your unique value add

Strengthen acquisition & retention

Customer journey analysis

Content strategy

Advocacy activations


Identify the right opportunities

Invest creatively
Find the best partners

Content strategy

Impact assessment

ESG reporting


Build a PR plan

Increase brand awareness

Press appearances

Amplify your news

Plan for Crisis

Develop brand toolkits

Multiple cameras on stands

Becoming an Industry Leader

A disruptive AgTech company was breaking up the industry in a big way, but wasn't getting the visibility or credibility it needed to achieve its business goals. The visibility it wanted wasn't easy because there were a few major audiences: producers, investors, the media, and consumers.

Wheat Field

Organizing  Informational Chaos

A $2B sustainability business was facing the issue of, "having so much information, we don't know what to do with it." Data, reports, testimonials, and expert knowledge were swimming around in a content pool and they were overwhelmed. They needed to organize it, frame it, and amplify it. 

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